Katharine & Jacob & Posing

Take a look at this intimate couples session on a frozen lake with Katharine & Jacob. They helped me bring to life some new poses & prompts I've been envisioning.

I was driving home from grocery shopping one snowy afternoon, and saw a bunch of people walking and skating on a frozen Lake Quannapowitt. It was snowing the perfect amount, light chunks of fluff floating from the sky. I instantly thought, "wow... I wish I could be out there shooting pictures of these people right now... but I don't have my gear, and I have a car full of groceries... dang."

The second I got home I texted Katharine. She's been a family friend forever, and she used to watch our kids for us. Now she's living her dream of being a nurse! She also has a very handsome boyfriend, who is also a photographer. These two recently road tripped around the country and took so many beautiful images (on real film) of their journey.

I said Katharine... I want to do a photoshoot with you & Jacob in the snow.... get this... ON the frozen lake!!!.... are you in? Of course, she was in... because she's always down for anything, especially to get an amazing photo.

I had a bit of a mood board going with some shots I wanted to try. Some were prompts for couples, some were straight up poses. It's always so easy and fun to try out new things with people you're comfortable with... whether it's friends or family, or clients you've worked with before. Some shots we tried came out just as I had dreamed... some, not so much. It's SO comforting having these close friends to be my guinea pigs so I'm not completely and utterly embarrassed when the more 'tricky to capture' ideas don't come out just right.

Knowing Katharine as well as I do... and knowing a bit about her relationship with Jacob, I wanted this session to capture THEM. I wanted to capture the passion and the affection. They are not afraid of a little PDA, so my normal 'cutesie' poses would be silly with these two.

My first idea was 'over the shoulder'. I wanted to capture a moment of literally being swept off your feet. I said "Just pick her up and throw her over your shoulder, caveman style"

What I love about this prompt is Katharine's face... she's just shouting and laughing. You can really feel how fun this was for both of them.

Also... you cannot beat that sunlight shining through the trees... it was perfection.

Next up was this little leg up pose. Of course, your eye is going to go to one of Katharine's best... assets... first. But notice the details of her delicate hands on Jacob's face, and wrapped around the neck... that's pure affection right there.

In may of my poses I tell the couple "ALMOST kiss... but don't quite." What we usually end up with, is this... little smiles and giggles, because it feels a little silly to 'not quite kiss'.

It just looks and feels so natural.

And the lens flare that perfectly frames that almost kiss... come on.

I'm a sucker for a good lens flare.

This shot came from one of my favorite prompts that I saw on a TikTok from another photographer. I call it the "bumpy piggy back ride".

I told Katharine to hop on Jacob piggy back style... then told Jacob to bounce her up and down.

I usually tell the couple to alternate looking at each other, laugh, smile, look at the camera.

For this one I wanted Katharine to nuzzle her head up close to Jacob. He happen to just look off in the distance and I captured this moment.

It's just so cute. I truly don't know what else to say about this one... just love.

Toward the end of our shoot I wanted these two to really let loose and have some cold fun. I told them just have a snowball fight. Kathrine tossed a handful right into Jacob's face, then he nailed her right back. They both ended up falling on their bums and I said... stay there. Just snuggle up in the snow. For the image on the left I'm focused on Katharine's snowy boots with their giggling out of focus in the background. I pulled focus to capture that passion once she snuck in a little kiss.

We had so much fun doing this shoot, and I hope these two can look back on these images for years to come.

Walking off the lake back to the car, Jacob spotted this bench that was apparently very meaningful for him and had memories of conversations with his father.

I told them to go sit and pretend I wasn't even there.

You can see the orange glow of the sunset on the trees (which perfectly matched their outfits by the way). They're just sitting here on this meaningful bench, he sweeps her hair off her face, which is covered in snow. They can look back at this image and remember this day.

My photos don't just capture you & your significant other, your family, your baby, your whatever... they capture memories, they capture moments in time.

You can't put a price on that.

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