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Welcome to the blog! This is our first time dipping our toes into the blog pool, we hope you stay and read these stories and continue to follow along in our journey. Here we go!

I have never done winter sessions... why? WHY did I wait so long?? I have been hibernating year after year, afraid of the cold and the snow... I had no idea what I was missing until this past weekend. These sessions have made me fall absolutely head over heals in love with shooting in the snow!

Before I get into how fun and amazing our Love Story Sessions were this weekend... let me take you back to what gave me this idea. Around Christmas time, I saw a post on IG for a Connecticut based photographer looking for couples to shoot in the snow. She would be offering these sessions for free, for her portfolio, in Concord MA. Jesse & I decided to do it (okay... so I decided on my own... and he was going to do it whether he liked it or not)!

Nicole (of Nicole Danielle Studios in Torrington, CT) was amazing. She was so fun to work with, and the photos came out amazing. More importantly, it was such a unique opportunity for Jesse & I to have this fun and intimate couples session. We have been together for 15 years, married for 7 and a half, and have been parents for almost 5. It was a blast!

Fast forward to February... it's our slow season... it's cold... it's snowy... I'm BORED! I go to my other job day in and day out (which I am not super passionate about), and need something meaningful and artistic to do. So you know what? I'm going to follow in Nicole's footsteps and offer some winter sessions.

I had couples that ranged from newly dating, fairly newly married, new parents, seasoned parents, I even had a couple that have been together since they were 13! I had so much fun and loved the images we captured.

Married couples out there, I highly recommend doing a couples session with one another!

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