Marybeth's Spring Maternity Session

As I grow in my photography journey, I look to explore new locations. I use social media a lot to help me stay on top of what is popular, and it allows me to virtually explore areas I've never been to.

One place I've been seeing a lot of is the Arnold Arboretem of Harvard University. Driving there is a little scary for someone who's not used to driving in Boston, it's right along a narrow 2 lane (that should probably be one lane) parkway.

I put a model call out there hoping to find someone brave enough to explore with me for some nice Spring shots. Low and behold, Marybeth, who is expecting a baby girl in June.

I've known Marybeth for a very long time, she grew up with my big sister. She's now a nurse and a mother of a cutie little boy named Charlie. I was so happy she decided to take me up on my offer to shoot at the Arboretum.

This place was stunning. It's a very big park. There are tons of beautiful trees of all different varieties and colors. There was a little field with tall grass, thank goodness Marybeth knows me and is comfortable with me because of course I made her sit in the grass.

The light coming in through the trees was just perfect. It's crazy to believe that this stunning place is right here in the heart of such a big city. This session gave me the opportunity to have a change of scenery, plus allowed me to get tons of behind the scenes footage of me shooting (thanks to the other half of Dampolo Photography, Jesse).

The crown jewel was the cherry blossom tree at the end of our tour. Especially fitting for this mama who is expecting a little girl. The blush pinks against the white dress and her fair skin, just dreamy. I can't wait to meet this little doll in June for her newborn session.

Walking back to our car after the session, I saw so many other spots within the park that just lit off fireworks in my brain.

I cannot wait to visit this park again sometime for another shoot.

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