Photographing a Photographer

Instagram is THEE big thing for photographers and creatives out there right now. It's a great way to reach potential clients, but it's also become an amazing outlet to build community and connect with other people in the industry.

I spend a lot of time researching hashtags and finding people out there whose work I admire. I follow their work, I learn from it, and I often connect with them... Instagram is a SOCIAL app after all!

Lauren reached out to me because she had envisioned some headshots for herself at the beach as she develops her new website. I had just wrapped up a Senior Session on the beach and she liked the results.

It was so refreshing to do a session with another photographer, I could be open and candid about some of the struggles we go through. "Oh my lord... I had all these pose ideas in my head and now they're all gone! What next!?"

She even humored me when I made her put on my "influencer hat" as I like to call it. Or as my husband calls it... the "Darkwing Duck Hat".

We got to know one another a bit, talked about some locations we both use, talked about family and photography. We got made fun of by some teenagers. They took iPhone photos of me... taking pictures of a photographer... while she took pictures of me, taking pictures of her... they called it "photographers inception" ha!

One pose I think we had the most fun with was the fake laughter pose. I just shouted "BAHAHAHA CAMERA, YOU'RE SO FUNNY!" as Lauren laughed holding her camera... big belly laughs. It sounds silly, and you feel like a moron, but it yields great results!

A big THANK YOU to Lauren for choosing me to take your headshots, I had a blast!

For people that are in the Townsend MA area, she is doing beautiful work over at Lauren Casey Photography! Check her out!

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