Posing for a Senior Session with Olivia

Back in my day *cough class of 2006 cough cough* when it came to yearbook photos, we had to go to a specific studio. It was called Lifetouch Studios, and we would go in with a few cheesy backdrops, and take some headshots.

Stoneham High fairly recently started allowing students to use their own photographers for their Senior Portraits (so freaking jealous). Olivia had some done for the yearbook elsewhere, but decided she wanted some more, outdoors, with a nice summer vibe.

I had worked with Olivia previously a few years in a row doing Picture Day for a local dance studio. She and a few of her friends also answered a Model Call I had posted for a fun shoot at Stoneham High School on the football field. In all of my time shooting with her, I never knew that she lives right across the street from my husband's childhood home. I know her parents, we've sat together at family events... I just never realized who she was!

We did her session at Golden Hour on Wingarsheek Beach in Gloucester, my favorite summer spot.

When we started the session, there was literally a beach brawl about to happen right behind me. There were a bunch of young girls, not sure if it was one big group or a couple groups that had spent the day there together. Two girls were screaming profanities at one another. One girl right beside where we were shooting, was trying to get them to break it up. She kept apologizing to us. She said sorry and the most mom thing I've ever said came out of my mouth... "don't be sorry, they're only embarrassing themselves!".

Senior Portrait sessions are mostly about 'headshots', which is typically just from the chest up. That means working a lot with your hands to mix up the poses as best as you can. A few of my favorite hand poses are: 1. Relaxed hand under the chin, 2. One arm on top of the head, other hand in the hair, and 3. Playing with your hair.

I also love to get some motion shots. The wind kept kicking up on us, which made for a few nice motion shots. I also had Olivia do some swaying and some big twirls to add motion to her dress.

Now is the time to book Senior Sessions for those who are headed into their final year of High School. Beach sessions are my favorite, but I have so many beautiful locations to choose from depending on what kind of vibe you or your senior may be looking for. Contact us today if you'd like more information!

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